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Sea Practice in the Mediterranean

Sea Practice in the Mediterranean

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A whole week of practical training with instructor on a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean. 
It can be Aegean Sea (starting from the city of Athens, Greece) or the Lycian coastline of Turkey (starting from the cities of Marmaris or Göcek). 

Our instructors provide an opportunity to consolidate all theoretical knowledge into practice and master the skills needed to sail a yacht.

  • charter paperwork;
  • route planning;
  • yacht handling;
  • sail control; 
  • navigation; 
  • docking; 
  • anchoring; 
  • VHF radio communication. 

During the practice, we cover over 200 nautical miles, both during daytime passages and at night. The goal is to learn how to handle the yacht, practice different mooring techniques, work with sails in various conditions and marine communications. 

In addition to the cost of practice additional costs are:

  • transfer from place of residence to the starting point of the practice and back;
  • food, mooring fees at marinas, yacht freshwater refills and connection to shore electricity, as well as the fuel.
  • security deposit for the yacht, which is refundable at the end of the week if the boat is returned undamaged.
  • we strongly recommend to arrange medical insurance for international trip, which should include coverage for active sports and yachting.

Please inquire about free practice options for students.

Top graduates have the chance to be offered employment opportunities with CHECK IN SEA sailing holidays operator.

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