• CHECK IN SEA Inc. is the official representative of the International Sailing School Association (ISSA) in the United States and Ukraine. We are an international company with offices located in the US, Ukraine, and Latvia.

  • Based on data from the International Sailing Association (ISSA), we were the largest and most popular sailing school in Ukraine between 2019 and 2022, training more skippers than any other school in the region.

Learn From The Best

Our main strength is our comprehensive training program and thorough practical preparation for yacht skippers. Our classes are taught by top-notch instructors, including reputable sailors, national sailing judges and long-distance commercial vessel captains with international accreditations.

We are proud to be the only sailing school that employs its best graduates, giving them the opportunity to regularly sail with our tourists.

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Address: 2246 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11204
Office: +19144465616